You Will


scream your rage out
release your soul
smashed it in pieces
let this shit go

take your first step
to control your hate kill it in two
this is your fate

you take this fucking way to get out
you are terrified by your self

let your rage out
control your hate
spit it out
and pay your rate

fuck this feeling
madness controls
your love is dead
it remains a hole

you will shredding and smashing and burning it all
only this satisfy you
you will shredding and smashing and burning it all
only this turns you on
you will shredding and smashing and burning it all
this is what you will

burn your hate down
you can´t be free
but you are dispersed
and you want it to be

you suppress this feeling
it crushes your soul
it becomes nothing
it gets out of control

you need your rage
it´s your way to revive
you shred your hate
it keeps you alive

you defeat your wrath
but the moment is short
it brings no peace
Rage is your Lord



I need my satisfaction
it tingles firmly under my hand   
but there is the desire to do it again   
I release myself from my pain

it rests deep inside me
but nevertheless it controls me
the desire comes and finds his way
the evil in me turns dark and gray
I release myself from my pain

It takes part of me,
it’s breaking out
the lust increases fast
my sword stands up

it burns in me,
It light’s me up
my hands begin to shake
it puts me in rush

the desire overwhelms me
my heart begins to race
I start to become an animal
and the shame comes over my face                                   
I release myself from my pain

the pain begins to recede
and happiness shoots out of my gun
tears run down my skin
and the vileness is done
I release myself from my pain

it burns in me,
It light’s me up
my hands begin to shake
it puts me in rush

it hurts in me,
I did it again
the lust disappears
but the evil will remain

it takes part of me,
it’s breaking out
the lust increases fast
my sword stands up

it hurts in me,
I did it again
the lust disappears
but the evil will remain



I`m lying on the ground
plated full of blood
I wonder how it comes
I cry
I`m a victim of myself
why can I not feel the pain
my memories pass away
I won`t die 

I will survive that all
I stand up when I fall
I will not be on the ground
nothing can bring me down
there is no pain down here
I breath, I´m alive

My evil is breaking out
no one knows why
he screams in me so loud
I cry
I can not feel the dread
even if it takes me down
I see everything in red
I don´t die

That Is The Truth


I hate what I see
I hate what I read
every day the same
the world is full of shame
I hate what you say
I hate what you pray
always this damn lies
and we have to pay the prize

fuck you, your corruption suck´s
you’ll see your time will come
because everyone will take you down
we need to face the truth of your plan
give us justice and clarity to understand

I hate what I hear
and what I have to bear
there is no truth
and you don't have any ruth
I hate what you can
I hate what you plan
there is only you
and we don't accept what you do

you think you are alone
you do what you want
you have no soul
but I will tell you something right
you need someone at your side
there is no support for you
that is the fucking truth



I sit around, I´m looking for
I stay around, I´m thinking for
So much turns in my head

I walk around, I´m searching for
I sleep around, I´m dreaming for
So much turns in my head…

I walk down the street
and think about
checking out what I see
and look around
but there is something in me,
I can´t believe
better to change this place,
I wanna leave

I´m sitting by the table
and drink a beer
I´m thinking about it
what is wrong in hear
I will switch my place
I wanna leave
every day the same
I can´t believe

I can´t find no remedy
I have to accept the reality
I need to bring me back
It turns around in my head

I‘m at the end of nowhere,
to clear my mind
There are so many things in me
to leave behind
my soul is broken
and I am empty
I want to go back to reality

I sleep with nightmares every day
but these bad dreams
do not go away
I ask myself the question
what do I do
I find no answers but that’s
what I have to



I understand the truth, but it is too late
I look in the mirror and I have to pay this rate
I lost the time with minutes, hours, days and years
but nevertheless I´m still here and I sure won´t disappear

I would like to leave
there is no one to see
nothing to know
beside to fuck off

I fight for my breath
nobody can take my life
I start to run and leave this shit behind
It has to get though! and not all the pain
I´m the master of myself - now it´s time!

I will change my life to forget the past
I won´t remember everything because this is the last
I find new power in me to get a new mind
it’s time to defeat my slave and let them behind

it´s Time

I Stand Alone


I’d like that you fall
I feel stronger than all
I will bring you down
to be the one of the crown

I will take you
I will beat you
I will break you
I will defeat you

You like what I be
I know you want to see
You can’t be the same
I will bring you shame

I stand alone
you fall down



you are trying to get back you’re life
reaching that is going to be a long fight

You woke up on night
You dreamed about the fight
You heard how shoots fell
You have memories of hell

You saw yourself on the stair
bombs blow all in the air
sweat runs over your skin
You delete it with a gin

the memories of hell make you sick
it’s pulling you down
there is all this blood and brutal pics
which you get not out of your head

You’re soul is full of scars
You wonder what you are
there are so many that must die
you always woke up crying

you are pale in the face
your heart begann to race
no one see’s what you feel
Your nightmares are real

You can not defeat your fear
You are asking, why I’m hear?
you saw people full of blood
and you risk to die in this flood

every night it is the same
it makes you insane
you have no more force
and you want to remind your source



I look into the mirror too see inside my soul I ask me who I am
I can’t believe I’m angry, but it looks like that I’m damn 
I don’t understand why I’m greed, I was born with jealousy
but there is no good and no evil there is only me

I want what you got I want everything from you
the jealousy is burning I get all of you

I look at myself and I want all what you have I’m so greedy
It is boiling under my skin and the jealousy burns in me
the envy will make me glow I’ll get what you love
I’ll grab everything from you, this is the sickness what I saw

I see
I keep
I need
I’m greed